Do you suffer from digestive problems, bloating, skin problems, low energy, blocked sinuses, catarrh, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, migraines, fluid retention, weight problems or joint pain ...? The list could go on.

Have you been offered medication as the only option?

Would you like to know if the food you eat is making you ill?

Many people who take a Food Intolerance Test are delighted to discover that when they identify and avoid foods or drinks they are intolerant to, their symptoms are either greatly reduced or clear up altogether. 

Having a Food Intolerance Test can be life-changing and most clients come through the recommendation of someone who has already experienced the benefits of a Food Intolerance Test - which I guess speaks for itself! You might like to read about the results others have achieved before you book

A Food Intolerance Test and consultation costs £85. You will receive the results during your appointment along with guidance on how to work with the results to get the best outcome for your health. 

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