Booking is via my online calendar. Click here to make an appointment. Any problems - please let me know.
The Food Intolerance Test is carried out with a Bio Resonance testing machine. This is a sophisticated electronic device which measures your response to a wide range of foods and drinks. It is a non-invasive procedure which means there are no needles involved.

To receive the test you simply hold a metal rod in one hand as the end of your finger is probed with a metal stylus, which looks a bit like a ball point pen. 
Yes. There are some things I need to ask you to do ... or not do!

Eat and drink normally on the day of your appointment.

Don't wear any perfume, cologne, aftershave or body spray. A normal amount of deodorant is ok. I am sensitive to fragrance so need to limit my exposure.

Remove your watch and ALL jewellery, including earrings. If you have some piercings or rings that never come off that's fine. But anything that can be removed should be removed.

Don't be chewing gum, eating or drinking anything other than water.

Turn your phone fully off or on to flight-mode as the signal can affect the test results.

Remove phones, keys and coins from your pockets.

Remove all metal hair grips. If you are wearing a belt the buckle shouldn't be in direct contact with your skin.

It's amazing how long it can take to remove jewellery and turn off a phone so please make sure all this is done BEFORE coming in to the consulting room so you get the most out of your time with me.

Thank you
The Basic Food Intolerance Test costs £70.
The Extensive Food Intolerance Test costs £85.

Both tests include a consultation. A deposit of £20 is taken at the time of booking. The balance is payable by cash or card at the end of the appointment.

Most of my clients book the Extensive Food Intolerance Test as it is covers a lot more items than the Basic one. However, it doesn't matter which test you book as I always make sure there's enough time to carry out the Extensive Test so you can easily upgrade at the time of your appointment.

Booking is via my online calendar. Click here to make an appointment. Any problems - please let me know.
You'll receive the results of the Food Intolerance Test immediately together with recommendations for any dietary or lifestyle changes and vitamin and mineral supplementation -  if appropriate.
I will ask you about your health, diet and lifestyle. I am very experienced at asking the right questions to get the information I need in order to help you. However, if you want to keep a Food and Drinks Diary for the week (or at least a few days) prior to the test that's fine. Not a problem if you don't.

If you do decide to keep a diary please include EVERY food and drink you consume.

I shall ask you if you have ever had any operations, taken antibiotics or had any serious illnesses. I'll go through every system of the body and ask if you have, or have had, a tendency towards any particular symptoms. I'll ask about any medication or contraception you may be on, or if you are taking supplements. I won't necessarily need to know the names of any medication, just what they are for.

I like to make sure there is plenty of time during the consultation to give you the advice and recommendations so concise, accurate answers are best.
My aim is to give you as much information as possible during the consultation so when you leave, not only do you feel inspired to make the necessary changes, you understand why you are doing so, and the benefits you expect to achieve. During the consultation I may give you a few suggestions about what to eat but I won't be providing you with a diet plan.

Everyone has their own specific test results, time constraints, tastes and lifestyle so it isn't possible to have a one-size fits all approach. However, the internet is a wonderful source of recipes and menu ideas so you will be able to put together your own plan in no time.
Many health issues are caused or worsened by the lack of micronutrients in our diets so If I believe you will benefit from specific vitamins, mineral, essential fats or probiotics I shall certainly recommend them to you.

Not all supplements are created equal so I only recommend brands I have absolute faith in. In other words, products I use myself.

This form of testing is not recommended for anyone who has a pacemaker or  uncontrolled epilepsy.

I don't test during pregnancy.

Children aged 6 and over can be tested but they need to be able to sit fairly still during the test which takes about 15 to 30 minutes. This depends very much on the co-operation of the child. They need to be able to keep their hand still and flat and not mind me prodding the end of their finger with a stylus. Most children are fine with it but occasionally a child isn't able to sit and the Food Intolerance Test can't be carried out.

Very rarely, (about once a year) I am unable to test someone who has exceptionally dry skin on their fingers. Elderly people have less padding on their finger tips and may have dry skin but dry skin may be due to a skin condition or chronic under-hydration.
I usually recommend eliminating the test results for 6 to 8 weeks to allow the body body to become clear of them. If you do this suddenly you may get withdrawal symptoms such as headaches or cravings. Some people are fine with that but you may prefer to wean yourself of them gradually over a couple of weeks before beginning the full elimination period.

For some people a reduction in symptoms can happen almost immediately. However, if you are in any way constipated or are experiencing a skin issue that needs time to heal, or have inflammation, it can take time for your body to be clear of the offending irritants in which case an 8 week period of elimination is best.

Once you have completed the elimination period you would begin to re-introduce the foods and drinks one at a time, leaving a gap of at least 3 days between each reintroduction. Paying close attention to any symptoms or reactions immediately after eating and over the next 2 to 3 days. This is the best way to get a clear picture of how those foods were affecting you.