Food Intolerance Testing

by Caroline Tyler

Food Intolerance Test

Food Intolerance Test
Do you suffer from digestive problems, bloating, skin problems, low energy, blocked sinuses, catarrh, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, migraines, fluid retention, weight problems or joint pain ...? The list could go on.

Have you been offered medication as the only option?

Would you like to know if the food you eat is making you ill?
"Hi, I'm Caroline. I have over 15 years experience helping people make changes to their diets - and a marked difference to their health. Many of my clients who have been told their symptoms can only be managed with medication are delighted to discover, when they identify and avoids foods or drinks they are intolerant to, their symptoms are either greatly reduced or clear up altogether. For many people having a Food Intolerance Test is life-changing and most of my clients come through the recommendation of someone who has already experienced the benefits of a Food Intolerance Test."

Food Intolerance Testing in Glasgow with Caroline Tyler DNN - Nutritional Therapist.
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About the Testing

Levels of Testing

I offer two levels of testing. The Basic Food Intolerance Test and The Extensive Food Intolerance Test.

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Basic Food Intolerance Test

The Basic Test is £70. It includes all the substances listed below plus a full Nutritional Consultation.

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Extensive Food Intolerance Test

The Extensive Test costs £85. It includes all the substances listed in the Basic Test plus the ones listed below and a full Nutritional Consultation

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Problems Helped by The Food Intolerance Test

Food intolerance can be linked to many problems . Click the box to find out if your particular issue is listed.

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How is the Food Intolerance Test carried out?

The Food Intolerance Test is carried out with a Bio Resonance testing machine. This is a sophisticated electronic device which measures your response to a wide range of foods and drinks. It is a non-invasive procedure which means that there are no needles involved.

To receive the test you simply hold a metal rod in one hand as the end of your finger is probed with a metal stylus, which looks a bit like a ball point pen. 

Is there anything I need to do before the test?

Yes. There are a few things I need to ask you to do ... or not do!

Please eat and drink normally on the day of your appointment.
Please do not wear any perfume, cologne, aftershave or body spray. A normal amount of deodorant is ok. I am sensitive to fragrance so need to limit my exposure.

Taking time to carry out the following requests before coming in to the consulting room will leave the maximum possible time for your consultation so you get the most out of your time with me.

Please remove your watch and all jewellery, including earrings. If you have some piercings or rings that never come off that's fine. But anything that can be removed should be removed.
Please don't be chewing gum.
Please turn your phone fully off or on to flight-mode as the signal can affect the test results.
Please remove phones, keys and coins from your pockets.
Please remove all metal hair grips. If you are wearing a belt the buckle shouldn't be in direct contact with your skin.

How much does the Food Intolerance Test cost?

The Basic Food Intolerance Test costs £70.
The Extensive Food Intolerance Test costs £85.

Both tests include a consultation. A deposit of £20 is taken at the time of booking. The balance is payable by cash or card at the end of the appointment.

What is included in the test?

There are a wide range of foods, drinks and additives tested.
The Extensive Food Intolerance Test includes the most common :
Dairy products
Meat, fish and eggs
Fruits and vegetables
Peas and beans
Herbs and spices
Alcoholic drinks and beverages
Yeasts and sugars
Food additives
Environmental substances

Which test should I book?

Most of my clients book the Extensive Food Intolerance Test as it is covers a lot more items than the Basic one. However, it doesn't matter which test you book as I always make sure there's enough time to carry out the Extensive Test so you can easily upgrade at the time of your appointment. 

How long does it take to get the results?

You'll receive the results of the Food Intolerance Test immediately together with recommendations for any dietary or lifestyle changes and vitamin and mineral supplementation that would be helpful to you.

Do I need to prepare for the consultation?

Not at all. I am very experienced at asking the right questions to get the information I need in order to help you. However, as I shall ask you what you eat and drink on a regular basis if you want to keep a food and drinks diary for the week (or at least a few days) prior to the test that's fine. Not a problem if you don't.

If you do decide to keep a diary please include EVERY food and drink you consume.

During the consultation I shall ask you if you have ever had any operations, taken antibiotics or had any serious illnesses. I'll go through every system of the body and ask if you have, or have had, a tendency towards any particular symptoms. I'll ask about any medication or contraception you may be on. I won't necessarily need to know the names, just what they are for.

I like to make sure there is plenty of time during the consultation to give you the advice and recommendations I believe will help you so concise, accurate answers are best. 

Do you include advice on nutrition and supplementation?

The test is very helpful at pin-pointing which foods are causing a problem. However, usually things are a little more complex. By looking at your health and diet in detail I can, as a Nutritional Therapist, offer you additional advice and recommendations to support you. 

Do you create a diet plan for me to follow?

My aim is to give you as much information as possible during the consultation so when you leave, not only do you feel inspired to make the necessary changes, you understand why you are doing so, and the benefits you expect to achieve. During the consultation I may give you a few suggestions about what to eat but I won't be providing you with a diet plan.

Everyone has their own specific test results, time constraints, tastes and lifestyle so it isn't possible to have a one-size fits all approach. However, the internet is a wonderful source of recipes and menu ideas so you will be able to put together your own plan in no time. 

Is there anyone who can't take the test?

This form of testing is not recommended for anyone who has a pacemaker or  uncontrolled epilepsy.

I don't test during pregnancy.

Children 6 and over can be tested but they need to be able to sit fairly still during the test which takes about 15 to 30 minutes. This depends very much on the co-operation of the child. They need to be able to keep their hand still and flat and not mind me prodding the end of their finger with a stylus. Most children are fine with it but occasionally a child isn't able to sit and the Food Intolerance Test can't be carried out.

Very rarely, (about once a year) I am unable to test someone who has exceptionally dry skin on their fingers. Elderly people have less padding on their finger tips and may have dry skin but dry skin may be due to a skin condition or chronic under-hydration. 

What happens after taking the Food Intolerance Test?

I usually recommend that you cut the highlighted foods out of your diet for 6 to 8 weeks to allow your body to become clear of them. If you do this suddenly you may get withdrawal symptoms such as headaches or cravings. Some people are fine with that but you may prefer to wean yourself of them gradually over a couple of weeks before beginning the full elimination period.

For some people a reduction in symptoms can happen almost immediately. However, if you are in any way constipated or are experiencing a skin issue that needs time to heal, or have inflammation, it can take time for your body to be clear of the offending irritants in which case an 8 week period of elimination is best.

Once you have completed the elimination period you would begin to re-introduce the foods and drinks one at a time, leaving a gap of at least 3 days between each reintroduction. Paying close attention to any symptoms or reactions immediately after eating and over the next couple of days. This is the best way to get a clear picture of how those foods were affecting you.

About me

Caroline Tyler


I am a Nutritional Therapist. I specialise in Food Intolerance Testing and see a wide range of clients, from all over Scotland, at my clinic in the centre of Glasgow. I am passionate about helping people make dietary and lifestyle changes to allow them to become healthier and happier.

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Caroline many many thanks from both my daughter and I for turning our health, sleeping patterns and weight around (for the better!) My daughter-in-law's mother went to you a couple of years ago. Having tried everything, including hospital testing - she's like a new person too!"

My friend looks amazing since she came to see you ... don't know what you did but she's never felt better."

I lost a stone and a half without doing anything other than cutting out the things that had shown up. Who would have thought that after all those years of battling my weight it would be as simple as that?"

I cut out tomatoes and oranges as the test suggested and noticed the dryness and redness on my face and chest disappearing within a week. A few weeks later I cut out cows milk out of my diet as per your suggestion and it helped my psoriasis on my scalp so much my boyfriend couldn't believe the difference. I now find I can actually eat any of the foods above and I am not affected, as long as I eat in moderation. My colleagues can't believe how good my skin is looking and my boss has booked for a test next month with you!"

Now I know what foods to avoid to have the most energy. I hadn't realised that I felt so tired because of what I was eating."

Further to my consultation with you in January I wanted to thank you for your help and advice. My symptoms have improved amazingly and I've never felt better. At our discussion, I told you changes to my diet normally only worked for a week or 2 max, hence I've left it so long to write to you. However, the advice you've given me is still working and I am hopeful this will continue in the longer term. Thanks again for all your help."

I came to see you a few months back regarding my IBS, I wanted to thank you, since sticking to all the foods I can eat and changing my diet that you advised I have been great!!"

I wanted to thank you for my dairy intolerance diagnosis back in March; my eczema has completely cleared up since cutting out dairy! I developed my eczema (which covered my face at one point) as an adult 3 years ago and GPs and dermatologists were useless in offering any help. Upon undertaking my own research I discovered yourself and since my diagnosis my skin has returned to normal and I no longer feel depressed at having to cover my arms and legs up all the time. I will also hopefully never have to see my face red and swollen with angry eczema patches and for that I thank you! You also helped me get rid of the small red cracks I had developed around 5 years ago at the corner of my mouth with a B12 supplement (again something doctors were unable to diagnose following many blood samples). I am so grateful for your help and I wanted you to know how you have made me happy again as I no longer hide indoors or behind long sleeved tops (which was a nightmare in the summer)."

Further to my consultation with you I wanted to thank you for your help and advice. My constipation has improved amazingly and I've never felt better. At our discussion, I told you changes to my diet normally only worked for a week or 2 max, hence I've left it so long to write to you. However, the advice you've given me is still working and I am hopeful this will continue in the longer term. Thanks again for all your help."

My itchiness on the skin has reduced so much with avoiding the things you mentioned."

Going to the toilet on a regular basis now, I have had no bloating and generally feeling a lot better. I also lost 8 pounds so all good news."

I came to see you for an Intolerance test and I just wanted to say thank you. After following the advice you gave me and eliminating the foods and drinks that came up in the test my IBS has been cured! I’m also drinking the 2L of water a day. I’ve never been so regular in my whole life and the bloat is gone! It’s quite incredible what a difference it has made to me."

I'd like to have the test done as my husband came to see you for sinus trouble a few weeks ago. Not only have his sinuses cleared up but he has lost 3/4 of a stone!"

Things are still going well with me health wise. I've had no bloating and pain and I feel really really happy about that. It's made such a change to me as a person and I am so much happier and less tired and not dreading the next episode or wondering when its going to start. It's really changed my life for the better seeing yourself and I hope it continues. I have to thank you so very very much as it's been four years of hell to be honest and I did not think I would ever feel this good again. Thanks ever so much I am so grateful. I will keep in touch as it's still early days but do hope this is the end of IBS. Hope you're well. Thanks again."

I've lost a stone and eight pounds since I came to see you just by avoiding the foods that showed up and I don't have any pain any more. I feel so much better ... have so much more energy. I did test it out one day by having a lasagne and I was in pain all night so I now know what I need to avoid."

My daughter has been to you too, as has her husband. They are doing so well. She was on long term medication for heartburn which she no longer needs. The doctor had said she would be taking it indefinitely, so she's absolutely delighted."

My son came to see you last year and he is like new person. I can't tell you the difference it made to him. He has stuck to the advice you gave him and he looks great. He has lost lots of weight and has lots more energy. Even his body shape has changed! He also feels different emotionally and has been able to come off his medication."

Since being to see you I have lost 2.5 stones and feel great!"

It's been 2 months since I came to see you and I can't begin to tell you how much better I feel. I haven't had a really bad headache since my appointment and I have had so much more energy and, another upside is, I've also lost quite a bit of weight. I would say I'm mainly over my chocoholic status and haven't had any for longer than I care to remember! The downside to my "feeling great" is that I am still waiting to find out what is going to happen with my gallbladder but, with some careful eating, it is mainly calm and at bay. So, all in all I am feeling much better than I have for a long time and I owe that to your great advice and to the attention you gave me. Thank you! I've told so many people how much I got out of my appointment with you. Thank you so much again for sharing your knowledge with me!"

I am officially entering my 6th week of cutting out the foods that I reacted to. I just wanted to say what a difference it has made, I came for weight loss reasons and I have lost a stone without really trying! I also feel that my moods have settled and I generally feel much better in myself. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to go through everything with me."

Thanks so much for our session six weeks ago. Then, I was suffering from a six-week long cold, low energy and mood. I also have chronic headaches. Our consultation gave me the push I needed to cut sugar right down to fruit only, and cut my dairy consumption by two thirds. I also gave up tomatoes at your suggestion. Result? Energy levels better than they have been for years and headaches considerably diminished. Will continue with the rest of your detox suggestions in the New Year. Happy to recommend you to anyone from now on who I think might benefit."

Dear Caroline, it is now over six months since I consulted you at the end of October. Having conducted appropriate tests your main recommendations were to cut dairy and sugar as much as possible, as well as tomatoes, and to do the same with tannin and caffeine. So I immediately cut dairy and sugar by 75% approx. and have stuck to that. I also cut out tomatoes. Then in the New Year I cut my tea and coffee to one cup of each per day, sweetened with Manuka honey. Results? Immediate : the cold symptoms and sneezing stopped within 36 hours. I also was weepy and emotional for a couple of days. I noticed after a few days that my energy levels seemed better. So - I am very pleased indeed with the results following from our consultation and would happily recommend anyone to you. I found your professionalism, knowledge and kindness very inspiring and supportive of my own efforts to help myself. Thank you so much."


5 La Belle Place, Kelvingrove, Glasgow, G3 7LH

My office is in Park Business Centre, opposite Kelvingrove Park.

The nearest stations are Charing Cross Train Station and Kelvinhall Subway Station but it is something of a walk from each, so please check the distance beforehand.

If coming by car, there are always parking spaces available either in La Belle Place or the adjoining streets. Parking is metered so please remember to bring change. The appointment lasts an hour or an hour and 15 minutes but please over-estimate when feeding the meter just to be on the safe side.

Please note - La Belle Place is a one-way street, entered from Clifton Street.

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  • 5 La Belle Place, Kelvingrove, Glasgow, G3 7LH.
  • Parking is in metered spaces on the terrace and surrounding streets. There are usually spaces available.




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