Problems Helped by The Food Intolerance Test

Food intolerance can be linked to many problems including:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Constipation, diarrhea and bloating
  • Weight problems
  • Indigestion, heart burn and reflux
  • Painful joints and stiffness
  • Bladder problems
  • Eczema, psoriasis and athlete's foot
  • Acne and spots
  • Catarrh and sinus problems
  • Depression and irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Mouth ulcers and cold sores
If your health problem is not mentioned above and you would like to know if a Food Intolerance Test with Nutritional Advice could help please drop me an email. I shall be happy to advise you.

The following are genuine testimonials presented anonymously to preserve client confidentiality.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

"I came to see you a few months back regarding my IBS, I wanted to thank you, since sticking to all the foods I can eat and changing my diet that you advised I have been great!!"


"I wanted to thank you for my dairy intolerance diagnosis back in March; my eczema has completely cleared up since cutting out dairy! I developed my eczema (which covered my face at one point) as an adult 3 years ago and GPs and dermatologists were useless in offering any help. I was even advised by one dermatologist based at the New Victoria hospital in the sout-hside of Glasgow to write to my MSP due to a lack of allergists within the UK and if my face flared up again to request a short course of oral steroids (this was prescribed when my face was at its worst from an out of hours GP). This was all she offered from my appointment! She was unsympathetic to my unknown allergy and would not refer me to a food allergists within the NHS as I was not suffering anaphalatic shock even though I thought my symptoms were linked to a food allergy. Upon undertaking my own research I discovered yourself and since my diagnosis my skin has returned to normal and I no longer feel depressed at having to cover my arms and legs up all the time. I will also hopefully never have to seen my face red and swollen with angry eczema patches and for that I thank you! You also helped me get rid of the small red cracks I had developed around 5 years ago at the corner of my mouth with a B12 supplement (again something doctors were unable to diagnose following many blood samples). I am so grateful for your help and I wanted you to know how you have made me happy again as I no longer hide indoors or behind long sleeved tops (which was a nightmare in the summer)."


"Further to my consultation with you I wanted to thank you for your help and advice. My constipation has improved amazingly and I've never felt better. At our discussion, I told you changes to my diet normally only worked for a week or 2 max, hence I've left it so long to write to you. However, the advice you've given me is still working and I am hopeful this will continue in the longer term. Thanks again for all your help."

Itchy Skin

"My itchiness on the skin has reduced so much with avoiding the things you mentioned."

Dry, Red Skin and Psoriasis

"Just dropping you an email to thank you for the food intolerance test I had with you at the end of January. I cut out tomatoes and oranges as the test suggested and noticed the dryness and redness on my face and chest disappearing within a week. A few weeks later I cut out cow's milk out of my diet as per your suggestion and it helped my psoriasis on my scalp so much my boyfriend couldn't believe the difference. I now find I can actually eat any of the foods above and I am not affected, as long as I eat in moderation. My work colleagues can't believe how good my skin is looking and my boss has booked for a test next month with you! Thanks so much again."


"Going to the toilet on a regular basis now, I have had no bloating and generally feeling a lot better. I also lost 8 pounds so all good news."

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

"I came to see you for an Intolerance test and I just wanted to say thank you. After following the advice you gave me and eliminating the foods and drinks that came up in the test my IBS has been cured! I’m also drinking the 2L of water a day. I’ve never been so regular in my whole life and the bloat is gone! It’s quite incredible what a difference it has made to me."

Sinusitis and Weight

"I'd like to have the test done as my husband came to see you for sinus trouble a few weeks ago. Not only have his sinuses cleared up but he has lost 3/4 of a stone!"

Bloating and Abdominal Pain

"Things are still going well with me health wise. I've had no bloating and pain and I feel really really happy about that. It's made such a change to me as a person and I am so much happier and less tired and not dreading the next episode or wondering when its going to start. It's really changed my life for the better seeing yourself and I hope it continues. I have to thank you so very very much as it's been four years of hell to be honest and I did not think I would ever feel this good again. Thanks ever so much I am so grateful. I will keep in touch as it's still early days but do hope this is the end of IBS. Hope you're well. Thanks again."

Weight and Abdominal Pain

"I've lost a stone and eight pounds since I came to see you just by avoiding the foods that showed up and I don't have any pain any more. I feel so much better ... have so much more energy. I did test it out one day by having a lasagne and I was in pain all night so I now know what I need to avoid."


"My daughter has been to you too, as has her husband. They are doing so well. She was on long term medication for heartburn which she no longer needs. The doctor had said she would be taking it indefinitely, so she's absolutely delighted."

Weight, Low Energy and Depression

"My son came to see you last year and he is like new person. I can't tell you the difference it made to him. He has stuck to the advice you gave him and he looks great. He has lost lots of weight and has lots more energy. Even his body shape has changed! He also feels different emotionally and has been able to come off his medication.

Weight and ME

"Since being to see you I have lost 2.5 stones and feel great!"

Headaches, Weight, Low Energy and Gallbladder Problem

"I hope you are well and life is great! I thought I would send you a little email to let you know how things are going.

It's been 2 months since I came to see you and I can't begin to tell you how much better I feel. I haven't had a really bad headache since my appointment and I have had so much more energy and, another upside is, I've also lost quite a bit of weight. I would say I'm mainly over my chocoholic status and haven't had any for longer than I care to remember!

The downside to my "feeling great" is that I am still waiting to find out what is going to happen with my gallbladder but, with some careful eating, it is mainly calm and at bay. So, all in all I am feeling much better than I have for a long time and I owe that to your great advice and to the attention you gave me. Thank you!

I've told so many people how much I got out of my appointment with you. Thank you so much again for sharing your knowledge with me!" 


"I am officially entering my 6th week of cutting out the foods that I reacted to. I just wanted to say what a difference it has made,  I came for weight loss reasons and I have lost a stone without really trying! I also feel that my moods have settled and I generally feel much better in myself. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to go through everything with me."

Cold, Low Energy, Low Mood and Headaches

Thanks so much for our session six weeks ago. Then, I was suffering from a six-week long cold, low energy and mood. I also have chronic headaches. Our consultation gave me the push I needed to cut sugar right down to fruit only, and cut my dairy consumption by two thirds. I also gave up tomatoes at your suggestion. Result? Energy levels better than they have been for years and headaches considerably diminished. Will continue with the rest of your detox suggestions in the New Year. Happy to recommend you to anyone from now on who I think might benefit.

Sneezing, Blocked Nose - Hay Fever Type Symptoms

(Feedback from the above client 6 months on.) 

Dear Caroline, it is now over six months since I consulted you at the end of October 2012 and I thought you might like some feedback. My presenting problem was that my summer hay fever had never gone away, and in September I caught a nasty cold which had not gone away either. I was feeling pretty miserable with constant sneezing, nose very blocked especially at night, recurring mouth ulcers, and was worried that my increasing sensitivity - cat and dog allergy much worse too - might escalate into asthma. Since I am already being treated for glaucoma the standard steroid based treatments for allergies are a no-no. So not only was I looking for immediate relief but also to the longer-term and thought some dietary and lifestyle changes now might well minimise future health problems.

Having conducted appropriate tests your main recommendations were to cut dairy and sugar as much as possible, as well as tomatoes, and to do the same with tannin and caffeine.

So I immediately cut dairy and sugar by 75% approx and have stuck to that. I also cut out tomatoes. Then in the New Year I cut my tea and coffee to one cup of each per day, sweetened with manuka honey.

Results? Immediate : the cold symptoms and sneezing stopped within 36 hours. I also was weepy and emotional for a couple of days. I noticed after a few days that my energy levels seemed better.

Longer term: I had six weeks of no cold symptoms but then they came back including mouth ulcers, for a day or two approx every couple of weeks. So I added a probiotic, a zinc supplement and extra vit c and so far have not had a recurrence for over a month. My nose has calmed down considerably and I can breathe more easily at night. I am sleeping much better than for a long time. And most of all, I feel more energetic, clearer and livelier than I have for many years. Also, I am more varied with my cooking since my lazy staples like pasta and tomato sauces, cheese and ham toasties etc, have had to go.

So - I am very pleased indeed with the results flowing from our consultation and would happily recommend anyone to you. I found your professionalism, knowledge and kindness very inspiring and supportive of my own efforts to help myself. Thank you so much.
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